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Alba of Denmark

Alba started with the birth of a family. It started with a mother wanting to dress her new little baby girl in unique design, soft organic material and outfits made to play.  Designer Majken Banke saw the flashbacks of her own childhood in her new daughter and her designs got inspired bringing her reflections from the past into the present. The Alba brand grew. From Baby to Kid leading up to the Atracktion of tween fashion, never losing sight of its Original idea.

Best Behavior

 We are thrilled to carry Best Behavior, a socially and environmentally conscious brand from Denmark. Starting in 2001, Best Behavior added a kids collection in 2016 and prioritizes sustainable practices throughout their manufacturing process. Best Behavior works closely with Jayaprabha, their manufacturers in Tirupur India. Since 2003, Best Behavior has built a close relationship with the Jayaprabha team to ensure the highest standards for fair working hours, good work environment, and safety. At least once a year, Best Behavior visits Jayaprabha and the Indian team visits Denmark to strengthen their working relationship. Best Behavior considers the Indian manufacturing team a close partner, and are so grateful that they make ideas come to life. Best Behavior products are Oeko-Tex certified.


Don't Grow Up

Founded by two sisters, Karo & Agata, who love kids and kids fashion. “Don’t grow up” stands for comfortable Kids Fashion with great patterns and fantastic colors. This conscious lifestyle brand provides products made of high quality fabrics with official GOTS certificate. These clothes are designed & tailored in Poland following and practicing fair trade. Stay kid at heart and don't grow up!


Ducksday® is a popular Belgian brand with funky, high-quality outdoor gear for babies, toddlers and children. Ducksday rain wear is made from high-quality breathable water and windproof material, and fitted with waterproof zippers. All of the functional rain suits come in funky and unisex designs. For babies and toddlers, Ducksday presents one-piece rain suits that easily fit on top of their clothing. For older children, Ducksday developed hip two-piece rain suits that can be worn throughout the year.

Ducksday rain gear has is a popular around the world, and was awarded with the ISPO AWARD 2013, the award for sports business trendsetters and pioneers. A jury consisting of independent sports business professionals evaluated several hundred entries, to honor the most exceptional sporting goods products.  The entire  Ducksday collection is Oeko-Tex Certified.


Duns Sweden

DUNS SWEDEN was founded in 2007 in GÖTEBORG, Sweden by designer Christin Kers and project manager Andreas Claeson. As a trained bespoke tailor and designer of Beckman’s College of Design, and over ten years experiance, Christin designs four beautiful collections every year.

DUNS offers a wide variety for infants, children, and their mama’s! DUNS offers bright, clolorful, and comfortable clothing designed to be gender neutral. DUNS Sweden uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, and donates over-produced goods to a number of organizations for the needy. The entire production of DUNS Sweden is certified by GOTS and controlled by ControlUnion. DUNS is designed in Sweden, and produced in India. All employees have a salary that exceeds the Living Wage for India with approximately 20%. Working days are between 9 and 5. Overtime is paid and volontary. If the heat is to strong the working hours are adjusted. 



Geggamoja is a popular Swedish company, started by two sisters with young families. Geggamoja strives to make ecological and sustainable clothes that kids want to wear. Clothes they can run, and play, and jump, and  climb in. Geggamoja is committed to only making clothes in materials and designs that they would love to see their own children dressed in. Rather than speculating in what may sell some five seasons ahead, Geggamoja stays true to their own feelings about what’s right and what’s not, for families as well as for business. All of their clothes are made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.



Gugguu is a modern Finnish brand founded by two sisters, offering incredibly cozy and soft organic clothing. Finns know how to get though winter in style, adding gorgeous pops of color to practical and functional clothing. Supporting fair & humane working conditions in the Gugguu manufacturing facilities is a top priority, as is providing your children with high quality, soft, and unique clothing. Gugguu products are made in Estonia and Finland. Gugguu spends a great amount of time finding the best quality of organic cotton fabrics available. They do not skimp, nor do they compromise on environmental integrity of their products. Quality is, and will always be the cornerstone of Gugguu clothes.


iglo + indi

iglo+indi is located in Iceland and was founded in 2008 by fashion designer Helga Ólafsdóttir. With strong Nordic roots iglo+indi is all about crisp colors, unique prints and playfulness. All children are artists, seeing colors, shapes and patterns everywhere. With all iglo+indi collections children can mix and match their own outfits without limitations. Handmade illustrations, carefully selected colors, comfortable cuts and soft organic fabrics make iglo+indi a creative and fun brand for all kids. 

Helga Ólafsdóttir is the founder, head designer and manager of all design development at iglo+indi. Helga has a degree in fashion design from Copenhagen, Denmark but being a true globetrotter at heart she furthered her studies in both London and Milan.   

 “I love designing kids wear. Every child I meet is an inspiration. I admire their honesty, purity, humor and their natural joy of life.”


JNY Kids

JNY is a Swedish children's clothing brand founded in Åre, in 2005.  From the very beginning, their focus has been to design and manufacture sustainable high quality children's clothing. The company is still based in Åre and it is here the skilled designers get their inspiration to create the clothes and fabrics.
JNY Kids believe that kids want to be kids and not small adults. Clothes for children should be beautiful, playful and made with utmost care in all joints.  

For JNY Kids, sustainability involves making choices that always mean the best for our children and for our environment. To that end, all of the production is located in Europe in small family-owned factories. This allows JNY Kids to work very close and ensure that the working conditions correspond to laws, regulations, but also our own even higher demands. JNY Kids uses all GOTS ™ certified organic cotton and is Oeko Tex certified because,  "it is part of what we all represent within the company. Together with other colleagues in the industry, we have a major responsibility to contribute to the least possible environmental impact"  -Jenny Fagergren, owner and CEO JNYkids


Lilli & Leopold

Lilli & Leopold is a small Norwegian company, designing organic 100% merino wool base layers and long underwear for babies and kids. All garments are carefully and ethically made in Portugal, keeping all design and production within the EU. Adhering to the strongest environmental standards, Lilli & Leopold's designs are practical, timeless, functional, and incredibly cozy! 

Merino wool has incredibly soft and delicate fibers, and is exceptionally durable, making it perfectly suitable for long underwear. It's itch-free and gentle on the skin and can easily be cleaned in a washing machine, with wool detergent, like any other types of wool.

All Lilli & Leopold garments provide superb comfort and are designed to look elegant and classic, with characteristic details and a Nordic feel. The inspiration comes from vintage children's clothing, which to us reflects timeless design and long-lasting craftsmanship.

Lilli & Leopold is passionate about using natural materials, and sustainable fabrics, colors and designs. As a result, the entire range is produced by environmentally friendly manufactures in Europe, guaranteeing that your child will always be wearing something made with care, attention and purpose.

Little Duck + Owl

Little Duck + Owl designs beautiful Scandinavian and mid-century illustrations. Full of classic Scandinavian prints & made with eco-friendly material, the items in this collection add a unique additon to any home. Designed and made in the pacific northwest.



In a busy world of bright lights, bells and whistles, where new stories are continually impressed upon us… Maileg is a world in which matchboxes can be beds for mice; princesses make perfect teatime companions; and adventures can be found on a friendly forest walk. It is a world where cats and mice are friends. Maileg is a world of childhood imagination - and this is a world we value.

Maileg (pronounced My’lye) is a brand of charming Danish-designed toys created to inspire our children’s favorite playtime stories. By bringing storybook whimsy to everyday moments, Maileg toys help children explore the pure and simple wonder of imagination. Beloved for their heartwarming personalities, Maileg toys show playfulness and charm in every last detail. Theirs is a timeless world filled with beautiful accessories and settings to be collected, cherished and shared with friends and family for generations.

Maileg believes that protecting the environment is important, and takes this responsibilty seriosuly. Maileg complies with the legislation for the environment, and we work intensively to improve our production by using only the best and most environmentally friendly production facilities. We call it responsible sourcing/production.


Minmin Copenhagen

MinMin Copenhagen is a family-owned business based in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark. We hand create sustainable artistic wooden toys for children and families. All of our products are produced with care, and the intention of blending the beauty of art with the power of play. 

Our products are made of durable hornbeam wood, hand painted with child-safe and environment-friendly water-based paint. Our minimal designs motivate children’s imagination to run free, with aesthetically pleasing designs that can be used as unique interior decor. We are deeply inspired by abstract art and Scandinavian minimalism, as well as comforting and calming colors. 

MinMin Copenhagen’s toys follow the open-ended play philosophy, inviting kids to play without rules for authentic self-expression. Through these experiences, children often learn best and develop their individual identities in the process. We believe that the curiosity and imagination we cultivate during our childhood years can always remain in our hearts, years after the toys have been put away.


Malinami ("raspberry" in Polish) is a women owned business based in Poland. Malinami  was founded in 2014 with the idea of creating extraordinary unisex clothing for children from the best quality fabrics with interesting colors and designs. The clothes are 100% “handmade” in Poland. Malinami's aim to is ensure that little ones feel at ease and exceptional. 



Mapanda is a creative European company, founded by Lucía Román, a fashion designer and mother.

Lucía Román worked as a fashion designer for many years, which opened her eyes to the wasteful consumer culture of the fashion industry.  There is always a story behind everything, and Lucía was inspired to create sustainable children’s clothing with ethical productions and products that last and last and last.

Lucía’s daughter Sophie, inspires and contributes to Mapanda’s universe of characters, stories, and imagination. In turn, Lucía designs each print like it is one of Sophie’s drawings. A design with which kids can engage, dream, play and enhance their imagination.  We love Mapanda's imagination, and hope you enjoy their selection, too!


Moromini is a wonderfully whimsical clothing company founded and designed by Sofia Lindeberg. In Sofia’s words, Moromini’s passion is, “vibrant and playful patterns and our desire is to distribute safe and colorful children's clothes to everyone who shares our passion for colorful prints and design. We just love loud prints and unexpected color combinations. We focus on unique and fun pattern designs and wants to create functional and play-friendly garments for children, not mini adults. I find inspiration to the designs mainly from my everyday life. Capturing reality through the eyes of children and being attentive to their imagination and play is the backbone of my creativity. “

Starting in 2016, all Moromini fabrics and prints are 100% GOTS certified. All garments at Moromini are made ​​from organic cotton and sewn by adults in Europe.





Founded by a Swedish husband and wife team in 2008, Maxomorra is based on core values of sustainability, honesty, and transparency. Maxomorra clothes are characterized by functional design with playful colors and patterns, as well as high quality, ecologically, and socially responsible textile production. Maxomorra clothing uses ecologically grown cotton, organically certified dyes, recycled polyamide, socially responsible textile manufacturing, is 100% GOTS certified and strives for low environmental impact in transportation of goods.

Designed in Sweden, Maxomorra offers a vast range of high quality, functional children’s clothes that are playful, colorful, comfortable, and fun! Their clothing is machine washable and stands the test of time, Ethically Made in India, and are Socially Responsible certified by BSCI.



PaaPii was born in the twirl of everyday life and imagination. The first stuffed toys and kids’ interior objects were created on the kitchen table, in a small village on the coast of Finland.

In 2011 PaaPii grew into a real business and the organic textiles, produced in EU, became a buzz within handicrafts circles. The new clothing line for women and children was a thrill for family lives.

A sewing factory was founded in Kokkola, where PaaPii employs today over 10 skilled makers. From the factory PaaPii products travels to over 20 countries. People all over the world are sharing their work, helping and inspiring each other. Ideas spark out of the sheer joy of creating.

In a way, nothing has changed. The small and ordinary details of life, spark great stories, when you look at the world through PaaPii’s eyes.  Papii is Oeko-Tex certified.



POP&CO is a whimsical eco-friendly children's brand based in Helsinki Finland. POP&CO celebrates the imaginations of childhood through playful prints in cozy and soft organic cotton.


Reima is the globally leading brand in functional kids’ wear, designing ecological and environmentally kids outerwear since 1944. Based in Finland, Reima's mission is to encourage children to discover the joy of movement bt providing high quality, year-around, tip-to-toe wardrobe for active children, ages 0 to 12.

Functionality, safety, sustainability and innovation are fundamental to Reima's design. By focusing on active kids’ needs, Reima is able to provide relevant solutions to parents, at the right time, always emphasizing product lifetime management.

Reima is for the joy of movement. For those moments that make a difference. For all those exciting challenges outdoors, indoors and in between. Reima is for an active childhood that matters. For discovering that joy of movement that will stick for the rest of life. For every day, every weather, every experience, wherever adventure awaits.

Raspberry Republic

Raspberry Republic is a fresh, ethical, and organic Swedish-Polish brand, producing high quality kids clothing in creative and colorful patterns.  Using only GOTS organic cotton of the finest kind for their garments, the entire manufacturing process ( from the purchase of the raw materials, through printing to the actual sewing of the clothing) is made locally in Poland, which means that RR has full control over it. RR can therefore guarantee that all of our clothing is produced in fair working conditions.

The inspiration of RR comes from a mix of Polish creativity: flora, fauna and all the other things that surround us and a touch of Scandinavian design. Raspberry Republic products are designed, printed and manufactured in the EU (Poland). Therefore, they are able to guarantee fair working conditions according to EU standards during the production, and can control and carefully select their partners to fulfill this requirement.


Secret Holiday

Handcrafted by Ashley Brown Durand in Western Massachusetts. 

Ashley uses scrap linen from her popular & empowering "It's OK" banner series, to create linen eye pillows. A local shop owner, artist, maker, Ashely we are thrilled to welcome Ashley to our team and feature her lovely products!


Slugs & Snails

Slugs & Snails is the original boy’s and girl’s tights company. In the words of the founders, "Slugs & Snails is a small family run business which started in 2008 with the birth of our son. Living in an old house, atop a cold windy hill on the west coast of Ireland, keeping our newborn warm was a priority and to us, tights were the obvious solution, yet we simply couldn’t find any tights designed for little boys and girls.

So we put him in the only tights we could buy, girls tights. It didn’t take long for us to really appreciate how practical tights were and so and began to come up with my own designs with little boys in mind. We wanted something extra special, super soft and durable and designs that were as playful, colourful and unique. As we began to chat to other parents we realised others shared our frustration at the lack of boys tights on the market and also so many parents wanted tights that were unisex, that could be shared between siblings…and so you have it Slugs & Snails was born! We was the FIRST company in the UK or Ireland to design and produce tights just for boys and girls, since our initial launch in 2011 we have grown to an internally recognised, award winning eco friendly children’s wear brand, our products are famous for their quirky gender neutral designs, which last and last season on season offering both superb value for money and a welcome break away from kids clothes that are overly disposable." 

Our tights are made exclusively for us from a luxurious secret special organic cotton which is flexible and soft and we only use yarns and  manufacturing processes which are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified, we also now have moved to using  only organic cotton with the phasing out of any Oeko-Tex only yarns to GOTS certified yarns, giving you confidence that our products are free of any harmful substances or chemicals,  safeguarding your child’s health and the environment.




Småfolk, Danish for ‘little people’, was founded in 2005 by Tana Kretzcmer and Maria Grandjean. They were inspired by the birth of Tana’s first child and set out to make fun and comfortable childrens clothing inspired by their youth.

Småfolk is known for their bright colors, and fun motif inspired by the 70’s. They offer everything from animals, vehicles, fairy tales, fruits, vegetables, and bold stripes to their classic apples print! Their fun designs are sure to inspire imagination. Småfolk’s clothing is Oektex 100% certified.


Sture & Lisa

Sture & Lisa was founded 2008 by Stina Wickenberg and her parents Jan and Brita. Stina’s interest in fair trade grew during a trip to Tanzania, and she decided to combine her interest and education in design, with her passion for eco and fair trade. What is Sture & Lisa you ask? It was the names of Stina’s grandparents.

Sture&Lisa provide a fabulous range of infant and toddler clothes. The cotton is soft, flexible, and incredibly stylish!

All clothing is made from 100% eco certified cotton, certified by GOTS, and hand printed with water based screen print. No damaging chemicals are used in production.

Sture&Lisa strives to help people in marginalized communities rise from poverty and promote sustainability through their manufacturing practicies and fair labor standards. Sture&Lisa products are made from fair trade certified cotton from India, their workers are paid a fair price, and the manufacturing factory´s main objective is to provide paid employment to the disabled and rehabilitate them in their society.



This Little Street

This Little Street is a place where the flowers grow as big as trees, and everyone gets to be a kid, no matter your age. It’s a place of tree houses and big pink bathtubs and unicorns, where imagination and happy thoughts are sprinkled in the air.

Audrey, the designer of This Little Street, grew up in a small village in France, and has lived all over the world. From Arizona to Ireland via the Pacific Northwest and Denmark, her design inspirations are fused from these beautiful places and their people. 

Audrey now lives in Berkeley, CA with her husband and four adventurous little girls. 

Three Bluebirds Swedish Dishcloths

Founded by Lasse and Lynda Baldauf in CT, Three Bluebirds was inspired by Lasse's upbringing in Finland and his commitment to bring sustainable recycling practices to Americans. As Lasse says, “It was completely natural to reuse dish towels. In Europe, we never used paper towels. We’d wash and recycle naturally.” 

The FSC certified wood cellulose and cotton dishtowels does the work of 17 rolls of paper towels. Making it more durable and hygienic than a slow-to-dry, bacteria-ridden sponge, the dishcloths can be thrown in the dishwasher or washing machine for over 200 cycles.  When time to replace, the dishcloths can be composted.

In addition to promoting environmental preservation, the Baldaufs’ intention is “to make people smile” with the towel’s hand-drawn childlike and heartwarming designs, created by Lasse. Embracing Scandinavian simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics, his motifs are whimsical, including graphics, birds, animals, and holiday themes.  The dishcloths are printed locally with water-based inks. We hope you enjoy these practical additions to any home...especially homes where babies and kids live!


UBANG of Denmark was established in 2006 by designer Ulla BangJørgensen. From conception, UBANG has con­sistently demanded to produce high quality garments, using organically certified materials, attention to details and well sewn applications. Always standing by the belief to create designs that promote the imaginations of children and allowing them the possibilities for further play.

 “The playful concept has proven to be exceedingly sustainable. When I founded UBANG, children’s wear with built in sensory play details was very unusual, but thankfully it is much more accepted and an attractive part of kids fashion today,” says Ulla Bang Jørgensen, designer and owner of UBANG.


Villervalla is a magical world. A world created of colorful fantasies and liberating childishness. A world where games and adventure never end. A world where every child can join in, where every child is welcome. So step into the magical world of Villervalla - a world where children are always children. 

Villervalla is a Swedish company with strong values. The CEO and founder of Villervalla, Hanna Håkansson, opened up a children's shop in 1999, and quickly realized that there was a lack of well designed, unisex clothing that would work well for every day use as well as for special occasions.  We stand for joy, optimism and equality. We are inclusive and inviting. We are a brand that is on the children’s side. All of this is apparent in Villervalla’s colorful and playful children’s clothes. We believe that all children can wear all the colors of the rainbow. You can mix and match clothes across the whole collection, and the fit of the clothes suites both boys and girls. We create comfortable, stylish, durable and fun clothes. It is very important to us that our garments are free from harmful chemicals. The majority of our clothes are organic and Oeko-Tex certified. This is what we mean when we say that we make clothes for kids. 

Walnut & Walrus

Walnut & Walrus is an up and coming Swedish fashion brand offering playful design prints in clothing, wall arts and more, always using sustainable materials. 

Celebrating kids’ integrity, sense of humor and imagination, Stockholm born and bred fashion designer Aisa Sverin and her partner, illustrator/Graphic Designer and former full time surfer Kalle Svanström are following their hearts. With a solid background in the fashion industry, working with high street and premium labels, Walnut & Walrus became a reality after the couple had their sons Algot and Viggo. 

The vision is to combine a playful, artistic and contemporary approach to design using nothing but eco-friendly materials and ultimately allowing kids to be their fabulous selves. 

Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery is a family business, run by Surya, a graphic designer, and Dave, a teacher. When their son was born, Surya and Dave read everything. They read about how to interpret babies’ cries and change their diapers. They discovered that babies develop in so many ways during the first 5 years that it dwarfs everything they learn over the entire rest of their lives. That seemed pretty incredible considering how much we learned as parents during his first six weeks of life. They learned that newborns can only see 12 to 15 inches away and they are most taken with their parent’s faces and black and white geometric figures. Experimenting with the latter idea, Wee Gallery was born.