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Thank you for visiting Ittikid! I'm Leah, mother to two happy girls, Tuva & Elsa, and wife to my Swedish husband, Calle. We live on a beautiful dirt road in New England, where farm animals out number people. Our kids are quite thrilled with that ratio!

After Tuva was born, our free fall into Scandinavian children's design got cranked up a few notches. Pretty soon, I was buying all of her clothes during our annual trips to visit family in Sweden. The fabrics were soft and durable, and the patterns were fabulous. We found tons of unisex options for future siblings, and boatloads of durable gear for kids to safely play outside all year long. 

As our girls grew, we noticed a need for practical and unique children’s clothing in the US.  Clothing that all children can feel confident and comfortable wearing. In Sweden, there is a saying, “No bad weather. Only bad clothing.” Ittikid is our way of encouraging the simplistic nature of childhood exploration and discovery; for kids to be kids, regardless of weather. Play outside, as often as possible. Get dirty. Get muddy. Climb that tree. Jump in that puddle. Dig that hole. Put our clothing through years of play and exploration, and then pass them along.

Ittikid carefully selects durable and high quality clothing for babies and kids that will last. And last. And last. Ittikid is our way of encouraging folks to reuse clothing, pass it down, eliminate the wasteful "throw away" culture of baby and children's clothing, and throw in some fun design along the way. We do our best to provide long-lasting, organic, ethically made clothing made by adults, for children. We hope you and your kids love the clothes as much as we do.