Soft Pink Merino Wool Pants
  • Soft Pink Merino Wool Pants
  • Soft Pink Merino Wool Pants
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Soft Pink Merino Wool Pants

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Blush Pink Wool Leggings

Silky, soft, and incredibly cozy, these merino wool pants are a practical and functional addition to any winter wardrobe. The natural properties of merino wool regulate body temperature and wick away moisture to help keep your kids dry and warm outside. This is a great base layer to wear with our snow suits and outerwear shells on cold days. Pair with coordinating Soft Pink Merino Shirt for the complete set.


How to Wash Your Merino

• Do machine wash on a low to medium heat (30 degrees) on a cold cycle or use a wool wash/delicates option if available. Use a mild organic wool detergent.

• Do wash with similar colours. Merino wool should be colour fast but washing dark or bright colours separately from light colours or whites will avoid any damage, should the colour bleed.

• Don’t not use fabric softeners because these will coat the merino fibres, limiting the wool’s natural ability to actively managing your moisture and body temperature.

• Do iron your garment on a cool or wool setting . You may find your garment doesn’t need any ironing at all.

• Don’t wring out the garment as this will stretch the wool.

If the garment does not have stains, you can air it out the widow during the night.

Well, anyone with small kids know that accidents do tend to occur. Banana, avocado, milk…and poop, anything that really tend to stain, often goes along with babies and kids.

• Poop: This is a tough one: Rinse off the poop in warm water, then scrub, scrub, scrub with a wool wash bar and your fingers. If it is particularly stubborn,  let it soak in warm water for a while and then scrub again. 
• Fruits, fruit juice, and gravy: Dab with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water.

• Ice cream: rinse in cold water, then add diluted vinegar solution, then rinse thoroughly in cold water.
• vomit: rinse in cold water, then add diluted vinegar solution, then rinse thoroughly in cold water.

-Egg, Milk: Treat with white spirit, repeated with diluted white vinegar.


• Beer: Rinse in cold water, then add diluted vinegar solution
• Wine: Treat with water containing ammonia solution. Rinse using water containing salt.-

Never use any kind of bleach product - chlorine or any of the natural kinds - on wool. It says not to do so right on the packaging. Bleach breaks down protein fibres and wool is a protein fibre, not cellulose like cotton, hemp, or bamboo. You will really shorten the length of any garment using bleach on it but wool will get totally ruined eventually.

The better you take care of your woollen garments, the better they will take care of you!


100% Merino Wool
Designed in Norway. Made in Portugal


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